I feel that I must share my My Moving Service experience. From the time that Bryan signed me up for the move till the day of pick up, he was in regular contact with me to make sure that everything was in order and that I had updated my inventory properly.
On the day of the move the moving team showed a high level of professionalism and wrapped each and every item to protect them as if they were the owners.
Delivery was prompt and price was right.
I hope I never need to move again, but if I do, I will use MMS again.

Alicia Heffron

I had such a great experience with My Moving Service. They did everything from A-Z and made me feel like a king on the day of my move – without me having to pay a king’s ransom. Their professionalism and knowledge showed at every stage of the move.

Alvin A. Tucker

I’ve had too many bad moving experiences to count, that I almost wanted to do this whole move on my own. Since time was of the essence I thought might just need to bite the bullet and get see if there is still someone out there that I can trust. When I heard from Bryan, he quickly put me at ease, and MMS followed through every step of the way.

Anthony B. Burnham

Ever had teeth extracted and didn’t feel a thing even though you were so nervous going into it, because you KNEW it was going to hurt, and then realized that your dentist was a true angel?
My Moving Service did that for me. After all of the horror stories that I heard about broken items and lost shipments, I couldn’t believe how painless this was.
I will recommend MMS to anyone who needs to move, anytime, anywhere.
When they start moving us to the Moon I know that MMS will be there for me.

Bianca Wunderlich

With professional employees, courteous service, and competitive prices, I will say that My Moving Service made this move more of a Nicholas Sparks book than a Wes Craven movie. (Yeah, I guess I like to use cultural references a bit too much.)

Greg Baker

Did you know that Military families are entitled to a moving discount? MMS explained this and so many other moving facts to me, that I received the best deal out there. I salute My Moving Service.

Jai & Ellie Farnell

Even though my move was taking place during one of the most turbulent times of my life, MMS made sure that it was a stress-free experience. I would never have made it out of Ohio with my sanity intact without them.

Joseph Cabot

Just a quick note to thank you for everything you did with this move. I only wish you had been around when I made my first move just after college. If that had happened I would never have had the anxiety issues that came from contemplating the move. Thanks for taking the stress out of a lifelong fearful situation for me. My dogs thank you too.

Kathy & William Blythe

I sit at my newly set up desk in my well lit den in my last home ever (I hope), writing this letter to express my gratitude for the price and service I experienced working with you guys at MMS. I don’t know what I would have done if I had gotten the run around that I had gotten with my previous 3 moves. I almost didn’t take the new job, because I feared moving again. Thank you My Moving Service for making my dreams into a reality.

Maya Cribb

My kids couldn’t believe how quickly the new house was set up. They were so dreading moving away from their schools and childhood friends, MMS saved me a lot of heartache and time. Once the house became a home the kids had one less thing to worry about, and as soon as their bikes were available they found friends quickly.

Ryan D. Mullins