My Moving Service require a substantial amount of preparation, with an intricate logistics that require a vast understanding of the moving industry, a strong infrastructure and great attention to detail. At My Moving Service we choose to focus most of our energy and resources on interstate moves because we realize the great deal of planning that needs to be devoted to those types of moves and have perfected our infrastructure to accommodate those needs.

Our carefully constructed network of trucks, teams, storage locations and depots places us in an ideal position to efficiently arrange and implement any and all measures involved in providing our customers with a pleasant and seamless relocation experience.

We pride ourselves in being a top of the line moving company, adept at providing a variety of relocation solutions which are customizable to suit a wide range of specifications and a sliding scale of budgets. Working with our current and potential customers who contract us anywhere from 9 months to 9 hours prior to their move, our relocation consultants and move coordinating experts work tirelessly to ensure that your requirements are being handled optimally and that every aspect of your move is executed successfully, ensuring you a calm and tranquil moving experience with all aspects handled by us.

Knowledge is empowering, and it also alleviates a great deal of the pressure involved with planning a long distance move, which is why we make sure our team of moving experts is available to you, for every step of the way. Our consultants are always happy to arm you with the information you need to have the best possible moving experience, including but not limited to furnishing you with accurate and complete knowledge regarding availability & time management, anticipation of & preparing for arrival at your destination, pricing, value-gauging & proper budgeting for your relocation, as well as successful keys & tips for packing. Our cordial, competent and qualified team here at My Moving Service will ensure to eradicate the anxiety which is often involved with planning a move, as well as ease your transition to a new home & a new phase in life.

Long Distance Movers